Favorite Keto Bagels

Keto Bagel bun

This is my favorite Keto bagel recipe. I've tried many bagel recipes, but they all left something to be desired. Also, for me personally, I don't like measurements in cups, it's just not precise enough and they all differ from country to country, so I'll be listing all the ingredients in grams. If you're not familiar with this measurement unit, you're always free to use Google or just message me and I'll help figure out what's what. :)

Ingredients (4 portions):

  • Almond flour: 100g or Coconut flour: 50g

  • 1 large egg

  • Mozzarella cheese: 200g

  • Full fat cream cheese: 30g

  • Xanthan gum: 3g/1.25tsp

Nutritional data (per serving)
Total Carbs 6.8 grams
Fiber 3 grams
Net Carbs 3.8 grams
Protein 19.6 grams
Fat 23.9 grams
Calories 313 kcal

Keto Bagel with avocado and bacon


This is super simplified, because we all know, ain't nobody got time for that. Mix all ingredients together. I usually start by mixing both cheeses together. You'll need a bit of mashing, to incorporate the cream cheese into the mozzarella, but it's nothing super hard.

At this point you can preheat the oven to 180℃ or 356℉. 

Once that's done, add the edd and mix it in as well. At the end, add Xanthan gum and almond flour. Mix it all together. At this point you'll think "what the heck, Jake", don't worry, we're putting this all in the microwave for about 2 min, depending on the power, to melt the cheese. Once the mixture is pliable, you'll have to get in with your hands, to really incorporate all the ingredients. Split the dough into 4 equal pieces and start making a snake, then join both ends together and place the bagel on a pan, lined with baking paper. 

Bake for about 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Let cool completely, cut in half and enjoy with your favorite toppings. 

Keto Bagel with fried octopus, avocado and cream cheese

As you can see, the nutritional data per bagel is amazing. If you miss bread, this is the way to go!

 Another beautiful version of the cheesy goodness! 

Another beautiful version of the cheesy goodness!